More than a Move... An Upgrade!

Kollabria Research has reached out to thousands of smart people who wanted to know how to get the most out of their SharePoint and other Enterprise Content Management systems for work management. Today we have big news! Our team has applied its years of teaching about the planning, and the intracacies of managing your work with these complicated systems into a brand new solution designed to make all of that planning unneccessary.

We formed a new company with a mission to make intelligent software to manage your information.

Introducing BitHoop

BitHoop is a brand new solution that sits on top of your information. It intelligently organizes your information for you, across all of your datasources - including email, SharePoint, and file shares. It learns what you are working on, and helps gather all related information for you. Moreover, it does all of this without having to move your information from your existing sources!

To learn more, and sign up for a beta preview of the future of information management, please go to

Thank you for over a decade of fun and learning. Here's to another ten years!

All the Best!
Raimund, Barry and the BitHoop Team