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Welcome to Kollabria

Kollabria is a research and consulting firm with a focus on new ECM,

enterprise content management and a special training focus on Microsoft SharePoint. 

We have some very bright people who do nothing but research these technologies and

their application all day long, and write or consult about their advantages and disadvantages.

Our mission is to provide you with the research, education, and consulting support to

make better technology decisions faster.

Welcome to Your Source for Education, Research & Analysis for Enterprise Content Management 3.0








This week our special focus is SharePoint and Office 365.  With new data from our Collabororation in the Enterprise primary research study we wanted to supply our readers with some deeper insight into the world of SharePoint and Office 365.   We also recently spent quite a bit of time to bring our own Office 365 up to speed.... There's a lot there that we think people need to know about, so that is also part of our focus in the advisor section.

Kollabria Research Notes

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Is Office365 The Box Killer??

Is Office365 The Box Killer??

Is Office 365 the BOX Killer? It's plain to see how...

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Which SharePoint Version is Most Popular

Which SharePoint Version is Most Popular

Which SharePoint Version? The market share of SharePoint version is also...

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Do You Need Help?

Do You Need Help?

How Much Does a SharePoint Installation Rely on Outside Resources? The...

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Office 365 Market Popularity vs SharePoi…

Office 365 Market Popularity vs SharePoint vs Usage Trends in General

Office 365 Market Popularity vs SharePoint vs Usage Trends in...

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    Crushing All Boxes

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Welcome to Kollabria

SharePoint For Business Education Program

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Our SharePoint Business Professional education program is a comprehensive articulation of all SharePoint features and how they can positively impact the business environment. Intended for SharePoint administrators, IT business analysts, and IT executive management, it provides a detailed functional overview of SharePoint, its architecture, all its features, all of its capabilites and does from a functional and business benefit point of view. An essential tool for business solution planners, the program provides an absolutely essential comprehensive understanding of SharePoint of what can and can not be done with the platform.

Kollabria SharePoint for Business Seminars


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Kollabria seminars are free vendor sponsored educational seminars that focus on a variety of business applications for SharePoint technologies. Ranging from line of business applications in Finance, Operations, Sales and Human Resources to specific horizontal capabilities in document management, workflow, business intelligence, social business and multi-platform integration, these half day seminars provide the business professional with a well grounded educational overview of the range of business solutions that SharePoint, Office365, and Yammer can provide.

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